Useful Travel Apps

Since technology radically came into our lives, mobile devices have taken over our everyday activities. Smartphones have become the modern-day travel agent, and not only. From the palm of your hands, you can book tickets, accommodation, reserve seats, even order a taxi. If you want to make your next vacation as easy as it gets, here are some of the most useful travel apps for all of you gadget enthusiasts.


  • SkyScanner. My personal go-to app when I am searching for a flight. I am pretty sure most of you already know it. This app searches for the most affordable flights via its travel partners. You can also see the cheapest days to fly. There is an alert option as well, and you can also explore the “Top Deals” section. The history panel will help  you monitor booked flights from one trip to another. Overall an easy to use app that can be a lifesaver. Available in IOS & Android

Hotel Tonight

  • Hotel Tonight. Did your Airbnb plans fail? Got a delayed flight? Hotel Tonight is an app that thrives on last-minute deals. You never know what is going to happen with your booking, flight, or even the weather. On this app, you will find discounts from partnered hotels on empty rooms plus you will be able to book in just 20 seconds. The good thing about the app is that you get 24/7 customer service support, which personally I think is a winner. Available in IOS & Android.


  • Uber.  Active in about 173 countries. Uber is the king of kings fpr ride apps. The app can be particularly useful especially when you are abroad. Request a car after browsing around different vehicle rates and quotes. Connect with your designated driver, track the car’s location and pay securely with your credit card. If that is not an easy way to move I don’t know what is. Imagine trying to find a taxi in a huge metropolis. Why not bring one straight to you, for you. Uber is constantly updating to improve its features. Some of the updates involve trip sharing, ride selection and tip your driver. Available in IOS & Android.


  • PackpointDo you keep forgetting stuff when you pack? Do you hate not having your charger or GoPro when you most need them? Who has time for checklists anyway? What if someone made it for you though? Packpoint looks at the weather forecast for the dates and locations of your trip. It also lets you choose activities that you are planning on doing from a business trip to extreme sports, and it will offer up a list of items you should pack, despite the general items that you will need. You can customize your list and remove items that you don’t think are useful. Practical app at it’s finest. Available in IOS & Android.


  • DuoLingo. Communication is one of the most important things in everyday life. It is also important if you are visiting a foreign country. Not everyone is at the same level of English as you and sometimes it is difficult to communicate while in another country. If you have booked your trip months ahead, try learning some basic words with Duolingo. It offers beginner-level courses but it is also great for those looking to freshen up a language. Funny thing is that you can even chat with bots in selected languages which can be super helpful. If you miss the student days, there are also placement tests to move you into tougher sections, plus leaderboards get you into that competitive spirit with other users. Available in IOS & Android.


  • Circa. Travelling through multiple countries over a short period of time? It is a bit hard to keep track of the time isn’t it? Circa is an IOS only app (unfortunately) with a beautiful and simple time zone tracker. You can set it up with the countries you are visiting as well as your hometown, and you will get a simple yet really good looking graph. Available in IOS

XE Currency

  • XE Currency. I know it’s not the prettiest app but it certainly gets the job done. XE Currency is a robust currency converter for both IOS and Android. It’s constantly being updated to provide live exchange rates. What won me on this app is that you can store the most recent rate, so you can access them offline. Available in IOS & Android.
I am pretty sure that there are hundreds of other helpful apps out there. These though, are my personal favorite useful travel apps, and the ones that I find most easy to use. After all, they are supposed to be the tools that make your life easier. Especially when you travel.
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