Enorme Hotels & Villas Beverage Workshop


Enorme Hotels & Villas recently concluded a comprehensive two-day workshop at Enorme Teatro Beach, dedicated to enhancing the expertise of its beverage teams. The workshop, spanning across two days, delved into various facets of hospitality, with the first day focusing on wine knowledge & service excellence, and the second day on coffee appreciation and cocktail mastery.

On the first day, participants immersed themselves in the world of wine education led by Ms. Kallia Gialitaki from Strataridakis Winery. Through interactive sessions, attendees gained valuable insights into wine selection, pairing, and presentation, essential for delivering impeccable dining experiences. Concurrently, F&B Manager Marinos Delimichalis & and Operation Manager George Kourinos, conducted a seminar on customer satisfaction and service standards, provided invaluable guidance to the participants.

The second day saw a shift in focus to beverage diversity, with Mr. George Lampiris from Taf Coffee leading a session on coffee appreciation and craftsmanship. Attendees explored the nuances of coffee brewing techniques, elevating their understanding of this beloved beverage. Furthermore, Delimichalis Marinos continued his seminar on cocktail mastery, facilitating hands-on learning experiences and encouraging active participation from all attendees.

Throughout both days, there was active engagement from participants, fostering a collaborative learning environment. The workshop encouraged dialogue, idea exchange, and practical application, ensuring that each participant could apply their newfound knowledge effectively in their respective roles.


“We are thrilled with the success of this two-day workshop,” commented Enorme Hotels & Villas. “The contributions from our esteemed speakers and the active participation of our team members have undoubtedly elevated our culinary and beverage offerings.”

By investing in continuous training and development initiatives like these, Enorme Hotels & Villas reaffirms its commitment to excellence in hospitality. Such workshops not only enhance the skills of its staff but also ensure that guests receive exceptional service and experiences across all properties of Enorme Brand.