Enorme Hotels & Villas’ Housekeeping Workshop

Enorme Hotels & Villas recently organized a comprehensive workshop focused on housekeeping practices aimed to empower employees with the latest technics, a renewed commitment to exceptional customer service, ensuring the top-notch cleanliness standards as Enorme Hotels & Villas operate.

Representatives from industry suppliers participated in the workshop, offering insights and demonstrations on optimized equipment usage and effective cleaning techniques. Among them was a spokesperson from Vario, who demonstrated the proper utilization of equipment to streamline tasks and save time for the chambermaids. Additionally, a representative from Ecolab addressed the analysis of liquid cleaning agents, emphasizing their safe handling and usage by the staff.

The workshop provided Enorme Hotels & Villas staff with an opportunity to underscore their commitment to maintaining hygieny and optimizing operational procedures, aligning closely with the company’s operational manual. Through collaboration with industry experts and hands-on training, the company reaffirmed its dedication to delivering exceptional guest experiences while prioritizing employee well-being and efficiency.

Enorme Hotels & Villas’ commitment to sustainability was highlighted through workshops on eco-friendly practices and responsible tourism, empowering staff to contribute to environmental conservation efforts.