A glance at Gouves

Lying across a long and lively coast on the eastern side of the Heraklion capital, the region of Gouves starts just at the western foot of a hill and expands till the seashore and has, therefore, been divided in Pano Gouves(inland) and Kato Gouves(seashore), two differently orientated spots in matters of activities and inhabitants.

Their history of evolution is interesting and can give us a hint of how the present picture of appearance has been formed. The whole precinct was initially used to be a place of systematic cultivation for grapevines and winemaking, along with multiple agricultural activities.

It is named, as the historians state, after the Greek word “Gouva” which means hollow or cave; an approach of meaning for a place where goods could be stored for a long time. All citizens owned pieces of land both close to the mountain and close to the sea. Yet, the last ones seemed to be of lower value in the past, as the cultivation was much harder there.

As the time passed, and worldwide travelers started exploring the area, there was a demand for dwellings. Year after year the area started growing and the place was ideal for touristic evolution. The forming circumstances led to creating a sun bathed summer resort with lots of attractions and a region combining a small town atmosphere with great nearby beaches within easy and swift access from the main airport and port entrances of the island.

Lying only 18 kms from these entry points, a visitor will easily find a place to use as a base for exploring the adjoining areas like the bustling Heraklion capital, abundant in Minoan, Venetian and Byzantine monuments or Chersonissos and Malia, famous for their intense night life, or traditional nearby villages, such as Mohos and Krassi where plenty of traditional events take place during the summertime. One can drive even further to the olde Skotino cave and Lassithi Plateau with its windmills as well as to further points of interest as the cosmopolitan Agios Nikolaos and Elounda.

At the same time, travelers indulge to the soothing Mediterranean climate walking along an endless gulf, consisting of numerous coves. A diversity of accommodations among of which the stunning Sea Front dwelling Enorme Perseides Villa, ideal for independent travelers who prefer to enjoy privacy and luxury, or the recently refurbished Enorme Maya Beach with adults only layout, DJ sets and gazebos by the main pool, have assisted immensely to highlight the area and make it an attractive holiday destination. Pay a visit to the Crete Aquarium and get to know a few hundreds of Mediterranean species and organisms, or access to Dinosauria park for a journey to the prehistoric times.

Stroll around the small bars and local taverns and give yourself a chance to taste the local culture and cuisine. Access the picturesque church of Saints Constantine and Helen, surrounded by pine trees and overlooking the Aegean Sea or just keep walking along the endless coastline till the eye can see!

A wide range of water sports, like windsurfing, waterskiing, pedalo and canoeing are available for the most adventurous and water addicts. Have great fun with countless daytime water games or bask in the Cretan sun around the pool and enjoy the hot summer nights clubbing and dancing all night long. No matter what, the evolving pretty cove of Gouves along with its inland will not let you down.


Matthew Chotzapaloglou
Hallo to everybody! I am Mattheos and have been in the hospitality sector some time. Despite my studies in education at Kapodistrian University of Athens dealt with a totally different field, never though that hospitality had been running in my veins so intensely so I gave it a try and joined the Department of Tourism to discover what the outcome would be. As it occurred to me the idea that “holiday” is the “charging station” for people’s lives and a getaway from routine, I decided to attribute such a procedure through reservations, special offers, individual requests, handling of local systems and coordination of Reception departments. Alongside people’s different needs and diverse ways of enjoying their “holy” time, led to discover with my partners different concepts that would “charge the batteries” of as many. Believe it or not, this is an intriguing study in combination with interacting with different nationalities and mentalities. Crete, on the other side, has so much to offer that people across the globe should explore it. I am telling you…try it out and you will stick to it for a lifetime.