Allergies and intolerances at Enorme Hotels

Allergy is caused when a harmless food, activates the immune system resulting in allergic symptoms that can be even life threatening. In addition to allergies, there are foods that cause a reaction in the body, but without the involvement of the immune system, such as lactose or gluten. In this case we refer to food intolerance and the symptoms are different from the allergy.

A part of the total population suffers from food allergies. In fact, according to research, in recent years there is a tendency to increase them, with about 2% – 4% of adults and 6% of children suffering from some type of food allergy. Although now we know more than ever which foods cause allergies, food allergies remain a complex issue and a scientific challenge.

The most well-known allergenic foods are:

Egg, Soybeans, Gluten-containing cereals, Lupine, Sesame seeds, Nuts, Mustard, Fish, Celery, Milk, Sulfur dioxide and Shellfish

At the end of 2014, something very important for the food security of European citizens took place as an institutional framework of regulations was adopted, which defines a certain number of food and beverage allergens that packaged food and catering companies are required to indicate on the packaging and in their catalogs.

In any case, every company must be informed, first of all by its suppliers of the presence of allergens and then to inform its consumers and customers accordingly. After all, the health of our fellow human beings is something that must be taken very seriously.

At Enorme Hotels, as we are aware and focused on customers with allergies and intolerances, we created our own icons in order to help our guests to quick familiarize when in our hotels and restaurants. We follow all the regulations in accordance with the provisions of the European Union, aiming to protect and inform them effectively.

Specifically, a risk analysis is performed for the entire “life cycle” of the products, from the analysis of the raw materials, the evaluation of the production’s process each step, until the final result.

Thus, the critical points are identified where it is possible to find an allergenic ingredient, in order to minimize the chances of contamination of the food. Of course, great care must be taken with raw materials, kitchen facilities and equipment, production process, storage and serving food, as well as labels signage.

We take responsibility to prevent any allergic reactions to our customers and provide them with a detailed description of the menus, as well as lists of ingredients, especially the allergens referred above.

We train service staff to be able to answer questions about allergens, to inform customers about the ingredients used in the dishes and suggest the healthiest options for them.

Our Chefs and their staff are always contactable with solutions and suggestions for visitors with nutritional preferences. You may inform us before your arrival for your allergy or intolerance, sending us this form.

We believe that true prevention is not waiting for bad things to happen, it’s preventing things from happening in the first place.

Care is an absolute, prevention is the ideal. So…

Feel Safe – Eat Well

Spyros Athanasopoulos
Hi! My name is Spyros Athanasopoulos and I am the F&B manager of the Enorme Hotels & Villas. After several years of experience in the field, at the late end of 2017, I decided to join Enorme Hotels & Villas team in order to share the expertise and excellence for Hospitality within the Food & Beverage team. My main responsibility in collaboration with my colleagues is to ensure that quality services are in accordance with the company’s standards. My aim always has been, delivering quality. You cannot do that if you are not creative in the Food & Beverage world. This is my passion. So, feel free to get in touch with me in order to get tips, suggestions or ideas regarding nutritional preferences, new flavors. Because ultimately what is better than a delicious dish and a delightful drink?