Tricks To Remember Your Reusable Bags

Plastic plays an important role in our everyday life. Not a good one though.  Many people have grown an environmental awareness but still, that’s not good enough. Here are some tricks in order to never forget your reusable bags again.

·         Make it a habitIt takes 21 days for your mind to create a habit, so after three weeks of doing it, it will be automatic.

·         Hang them in strategic placesFind the most convenient places in the house e.g. front door and keep them there. You could also leave your reusable bags near your car keys, it’s an easy way to remember.

·         Put them back in your car.If you own a car, just remember to put them back after unpacking your grocery. It’s the easiest way to guarantee that you always have your reusable bags with you, for example.

·         Keep them in your bag.In case you do not own a car, choose small lightweight cute bags that are simple to roll up, and stick them in your bag or purse.

·         Let your friends and family know about it.If you have children (and eager to take them with you), put them in charge of the bags. Not only will they grow an environmental awareness, but this will help them be more responsible.

·         Note on the fridge.It’s the typical announcement board for every household, plus if you are not technology lover it helps. Leave a note on the fridge so as to help yourself remember.

·         One in the suitcase. If you are packing your suitcase, bring one for your trip. You never know when you may need a spontaneous grocery stop or even a souvenir shopping spree.


Maria Kallergi
Hi, I am Maria, and I am the General Secretary of Enorme Hotels & Villas. I have studied Economics at the University of Macedonia and have a Master’s Degree in Art of International Economic Relations. My base is Heraklion, but my heart belongs to Thessaloniki, city of arts & culture. I consider myself a restless spirit with strong environmental awareness. I am an overthinker, but I work hard in order to become the best version of myself. My addiction is chocolate and perfumes. I have a thing for blooming almond trees and people with a smart sense of humor. My motto is, if your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough.