First Aid Seminar

Location: Enorme Lifestyle Beach

Enorme Hotels & Villas takes health and safety issues very seriously. Therefore, every year we organize a First Aid Seminar for our staff.

Most people think that they know what to do in case of an emergency, the thing is that reality is sometimes different. The aim of the seminar was to educate our staff about the practical part of aiding someone that is in need of medical help. Now, each and every one of our staff is able to provide basic first aid assistance in case of an emergency until a specialized medic is in place.

The 3 principles of first aid , else called three P’s are the following :

  • Preserve Life – Stop the person from dying
  • Prevent further injury – Stop the person from being injured even more, if possible, the injured person should not be moved
  • Promote Recovery – Try to help the person heal their injuries

We want to thank the Hellenic Rescue Team for their valuable time and lessons. The importance of those first seconds is huge. Enorme Hotels & Villas cares for the hosted guests and not only, therefore we always try our best to minimize any risk of a person being endangered.

Small things DO matter.


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